“The program provides displaced persons basic necessities such as food, drinking water, medications”

Spandana Disaster Relief Center

During the stay at Kakinada since 1990 it was observed that every year the area is affected by cyclones, storms, Hurricanes, etc. as this place is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. After seeing the plight of several people living in the low lying areas and along the coastline it was decided to provide some immediate help for them to live at a temporary safer places. Most of these people need a shelter, food, drinking water and few medicines at times. Sometimes, they had to vacate their dwellings on a short notice and as a result they leave with whatever clothes they have on at that time and they need some clothing also.

Through this emergency relief program, the Spandana team of volunteers provide the essential items to the people evacuated to the higher ground. After the floods recede, the families move back to their dwellings to find out many of their meagre possessions were also washed away. In order for them to get back with their lives, this program supplies some clothing, utensils and groceries so that they can get back to their normal routine a bit faster.

In addition to the above mentioned calamities the program also helps people involved in other natural disasters like, fires, earth quakes, COVID-19 pandemic, some medical emergencies to poor people, etc.

All these activities are carried by the Sankurathri Foundation funds, financial support of few philanthropists and the volunteers from Sankurathri Foundation.