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Journey Of Sankurathri Foundation


Dr. Venkatesh Prajna

we are in total admiration and in awe of the wonderful work you are doing mentored by the great visionary Dr. Chandrasekhar

Aravind Eye Hospitals


Sri S. Rama Dorai

Hope and Future is what i see here. our respect to Dr. Chandra & his team goes up multi fold.this is the sort of commitment that our country needs

TATA Group

Jennifer Daubeny

I am so proud to have the opportunity to visit the foundation and see first hand the profound impact your work is having on people of all ages in the area. congratulations.

Consul General of Canada

South India

Harinder Sidhu

What an inspiration to come and ses the work you are doing here. This work is mainly changing the lives and will make an incridable change and contribution to India and the Kakinada

Austrailian High Commissioner and Ambassador to Bhutan

Dr. Silas & Vasantha Charles

A one man’s dream from the tragedy the family to enlightening and giving the gift of vision. you truly are a gift to all of us

Hope International Hospitals - Kakinada


Sri. K. Pawan Kalyan

Dr. Chandrasekhar is an inspirational personality who has transformed his colossal personal loss into social service. I salute him for the commendable job he has been doing.

Founder Janasena Party & Film Actor

Janasena Party

Sri. Thota Narasimham

Srikiran providing very good services to the poor people living in rural areas with better facilities, better equipment and well trained doctors

Member of Parliament -Kakinada

Dr. P. Ravindra Babu

I Felt so humble but going back made energised and encouraged to follow his foot steps


Member of Parliament - Loksabha

Dr. Allen Foster

Thank you an Oasis. I hope the work for blind children has been conceived today

Christoffel Blinden Mission


Sri. V.V.Kumar

A place where sacrifice with dedication and concern for humanity is shown

General Manager - Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited


Cornelia Princepe, Reporter

This is truly an oasis in more ways than one. I was moved beyond tears. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and inspiration

Cornelia Princepe, Reporter

Toronto, Canada

Mr. Satish Chandra, IAS

I have seen the entire hospital, the equipment, Utility centres, etc. Everything is marvellous.

Mr. Satish Chandra, IAS


Dr. KjellDahlen

It was a delight to meet all of you and to see first hand the wonderful work that you are doing. We hope this leads to greater Canadian involvement. Thank you.