Spandana – 1998


Spandana is a Disaster Relief program started in 1998.

As the region is situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal, disasters are frequent due to cyclones and monsoon rains resulting in floods and considerable damage to property. The program provides to displaced persons basic necessities such as food, drinking water, medications while they are in temporary shelters, and utensils, food, clothing and other needs after they return to their homes.

We have collaborated with a well-known organization, Goonj that is based in Delhi and has been doing excellent yeomen services at the time of natural disasters. As we are already doing similar services in the area through Spandana we have joined them to expand our reach by collecting unutilized items from the people and sending to Goonj so that they can recycle them and distribute as per the needs.

We have collected 98 bags of used cloths and other household items from different collection points. It was collected, segregated, packed properly and sent to Goonj, New Delhi by BMPS transport service under Spandana program. Representative from Goonj Visited our Foundation to enlighten the staff about their activities and encourage them to participate in the collection