“In addition to academic subjects, children are encouraged to participate in activities such as gardening, drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, yoga, dance, drama, and crafts ”

Sarada Vidyalayam

The school is named after his daughter, as she could not fulfil her dream of going to school as Sarada was only three years when she was killed by a terrorist bomb. The name is so appropriate for his vision because it a great place of learning for poor rural children who couldn’t afford better education due to their poverty.

The inspiration to start the school came after studying the rural children’s enthusiasm to learn and the appalling standards of the rural school children. As education is the only gateway to the human development it was decided to start the school in 1992.

The school has been providing quality education blended with human values, discipline, exposure to fine arts, crafts and overall development of the children. All these are provided at no cost to the parents, but supported by several donors across this world. The school education shouldn’t be a burden for the poor families, the Foundation has been providing free education, books, three sets of uniforms, transportation, nutritious midday meal, milk in the afternoon, medical check ups and medicines free of cost to all the children attending the school.

The results are amazing and the model is worth emulating because this school has achieved several milestones like, children’s attendance is almost 100%, actively participate in all the extracurricular activities, zero drop out of education (while the national average of school dropouts is about 65% ) during these last 29 years.

As this is a temple of learning these rural poor children has proved their mettle and reached higher positions in the society. These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the existence of this school. It has transformed several children’s life for good, changed parents’ perception about education, eliminated child laborers and child marriages from these communities.